The dual board or bi-fold leaflet is one of the most common items of promotion content for any company, company or non-profit categories. A well developed, exclusive and eye-catching two flip leaflet is an complete requirement to be up up to now in your promotion strategies, and certainly not products you would want to ignore.

Bi-fold catalogues have an benefits of having a exclusive look and eye-catching style. The dual flip allows you to spread the subject into two different webpages, making it more structured and systematized. The first side can be devoted to the headline, or a explaining picture, with the relax of the leaflet loaded with the things of your choice. It is a very wise decision to be used as an promotion method, or even for use as a personal wish card or for any other objective.

If you are looking for a reasonable and expert looking bi-fold leaflet, you can quickly make it all by yourself with some help from us. We have this bi-fold style ready to help you make the most expert looking marketing catalogues for your company without having to keep the convenience of your seat and office.

You can quickly make the best bi-fold leaflet or brochure as per your need simply by using this bi-fold style, as it is a very simple to use style, without any complex variations required. You can form it to make the most ideal marketing leaflet according to the needs and choices of your clients, your company need, and the amount of information you wish to express. We wish that this bi-fold style provides you the appropriate support to start your promotion strategy. Here is a screen shot of our bi-fold style. Simply simply click it to see the review, and then obtain it through the obtain weblink given below.





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